Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Mileage


I thought I would be doing averagely 60-80km per month, but I ended up being poisoned.

Total mileage covered is 1690km. *wow* I never ran this long in any lifetime before.

The lowest mileage was 92km in January 2012, I still did not get my Garmin 405 at that time.

Else, it could be more.... hypothetically.

Highest was in July, must be me responded after the almost sub-4 in SCKLM 2012.
Weekend LSD could be lesser and could be none.

Hopefully I still can make time for some training.

Good thing is I improved FM timing from 4:45 in 2011 to 4:05 in 2012. It was hell lot of effort.

Pat my own back~~~

Happy Running in 2013~!


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