Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Busy or Lazy

Apparently, I'm struggling in between busy and lazy. When I'm busy, I do not have enough time to write my own blog; when I'm lazy, of course, I'll find excuses to pretend that I'm busy. This is not healthy and productive.

I have not wrap up the year of 2012 but I already have something drafted inside my mind of 2013. I'm not sure how bad it is going to be in 2013 but I'm going thru it, by all means. Hopefully all turns out to be good and not bad and not very bad.

I'm going to join more races in Penang and cut down the trips to other places in Malaysia, except those that worth the traveling like full marathon events such as SCKLM and RJM.

I tried to get a list of the running events in Penang and I have got this from Penang PAAA. I believe the list could be very useful to me in 2013, to ensure that I'm not going to drift away from Penang, too much or too often. You know, sometimes, people change their mind like changing clothes.

Nah, here you go.... the tentative dates of running events in Penang.

I'm yet to write about my Kulim Half Marathon, probably I should give it a waiver. Argh.... going to travel very soon. Going to have Chinese New Year very soon.... another busy season.

Be Happy :D

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