Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Race Report - Takashima Fun Run 2012

Date: 02 December 2012
Location: Takashima HQ, Penang Science Park
Distance: 4 km (2.95 km)
Bib No.: N/A
Registration Fee: RM17
Gears: Asics DS-Trainer 16, Garmin Forerunner 405
Starting Time: N/A (7:43am)
Running Time: 00:14:13
Pace: 4:49 min/km

I have not been racing for quite some time, so a fun run will do for me. I am not going to talk much about this run because it is a FUN run, actually I was questioning myself why I did not want to take part in the 10k race. I wonder.

Morning, I woke up around 5 something as I told wifey that I wanted to reach early to get a perfect parking slot as it could be limited. We departed at 5 minutes past 6am and we reached Takashima Headquarter in 20-25 minutes, I forgot. I could see many familiar faces, probably it was more like a local race.

I did called my parents so that they remember to come as they have paid the registration fees as well.

I got myself ready with the shoes, hydration waistpack (although it was not really required), garmin 405 and a camera. My main objective was to capture photos of runners. After that, we were allowed to visit Takashima HQ. We walked inside, check out the mini swimming pool, KTV room, movie room, *Ferrari, and all those fitness equipment inside the premise.

The security was loose, I guess no one could steal those things.

There was a warm up session and 10k runners were flagged off. Can see one runner actually 'cheated' accidentally or intentionally but I guess that short distance did not make any significant changes to the race result.


Then, it was followed by the fun run. Reminder was given to all fun run participants to be more careful as the 10k runners would be coming back and you know that they're fast or very fast. I was at the back then quickly stormed to the front but by that time, the leading runners were already 200m in front. I had to played catch up.

It was quite difficult to run with a DSLR, luckily I did not attempt that during my River Jungle Marathon, I could have thrown it away.

At the 1-km mark or the first right turn, I managed to overtake the leading runner, a young lad, which was a little bit slower, I think he did not control his pace well at the beginning. Then, the marshal in mountain bike keep chatting with me.... talking nonsense and I entertained him since this was just a fun run.

I just kept running until the roundabout and I noticed that it would be an under distance run, there was nothing to be won and my objective was to capture photos. I informed the marshal to escort the second runner because I would be slowing down to snap some photos. Soon, it was the final left turn to the finishing line, I speculated that it could be less than 4km as claimed.

I stopped and turned back to snap photos, luckily they still posed to the camera. By the time, 3 runners had went past me, I kept running to the finishing line in 4th position. My Garmin showed 2.95km. Wow... short of 1km, but whatever laa... I did not take the certificate as I don't really need it and I was soaked in perspiration.

Got myself into a good position and start shooting photos. I think I have covered at least 90% of the runners that came back. The photos can be viewed at

Not much review to be done.

Garmin data:

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