Thursday, May 24, 2012

FM Clashes with CQE Courses

I was lining up my races throughout 2012 and planning early in good for myself to have an overview of 2012, apart from the 2012 new year resolution. But, again, it happens again, something else came up. There is no big deal if there is no clashes between those events, or if it is just one time deal.

I was told that CQE, stands for Certified Quality Engineer certification training courses was available, and it would cost me an arm and a leg if I choose to take it myself. From the internet, I saw it is only USD399, which could convert to a few thousand ringgit, quite expensive, indeed. I was happy to know that it is open for enrollment, but bad news is it is a 24 full days course, from 9am to 5pm. OMG.... it will suck up all of my energy, to make thing worse, most of the training are on Saturdays.


I have to skip the first class this Saturday because of the early planning of my own race schedule, because of the late notice by HR and the intention of getting the CQE certification. After I marked all the course date on the calendar, I could miss out as many as 4 classes. (Seems like I'm giving higher priority to FM :P )

Maybe the priority will change, but the money paid for race registration will be 'tong ko sui'. The RJM and Taiping International Marathon would be on the line now...

We'll see how they (the other colleagues) that attending the course negotiate on the course schedule, it could be better or worse, so no point talking too much about it now.

For sure, Hatyai... I'm coming.


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