Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Before Hatyai International Marathon - Part 2/2

This is the second half of the 'Before Hatyai International Marathon', you can read the first half here.

As I was just woke up and still in blur blur mode, I asked the tuk tuk driver is it 150 Bhat per pax to Bethai night market, he quickly asked us to hop in. As my wifey asked me, isn't it just 30 Bhat per pax? Then, I realized I offered the wrong pricing for the tuk tuk service. I put that behind my head until we reached the destination.

On the way, we did some camwhoring and Proton Savvy was spotted. Not bad, Proton, you made your way into Thailand which is full of CKD of many cars, including Toyota, Honda, GM, etc....

After reaching the destination, the tuk tuk driver asked for 600 Bhat, which is 150 Bhat times 4, then I clarified again, then he quoted me 30 Bhat times 4 = 120 Bhat. Luckily I dare to counter offer, else we become the super big fish on the Thailand chopboard. By the way, he was being dishonest as well :P

Then we went separate ways to pursue the shopping mission and meet at 8pm for dinner. We took chicken rice and some sushis, except ah Huat who does not eat raw sushi. The sushi was very cheap, 5 Bhat each, and buy 10 free 2. What an offer? Can we find anything with that type of pricing in Penang or Malaysia? I doubt it!!!!

Then we continued to shop in separate ways, wifey keep her eyes on the merchandizes while I looked at somewhere else, not really interested in buying new T-shirt or other things. I already have abundance of it. Did I mention that I bought 3 running pants and 1 cap? All budget used up.

The rain started to pour and we saw something quite creative, many stall owners use the gutter shown below to guide the water to flow to ground, rather that let it sprinkle around. Nice move.

 At 10pm, most of the stalls were closing and we decided to go back to the guest house. We hop in one tuk tuk with good Hi-Fi system that was playing Lady Gaga's song. The driver charged us 100 Bhat for the way back, 20 Bhat cheaper this time, some more with the entertainment. Value for money.

My legs were tired after those walking and driving, so I decided to go for a foot massage. It was darn cheap at 200 Bhat per hour. Initially, the masseur was a bit harsh on my fragile legs and I had to ask him to slow down, soften the massage a bit, because I still need my legs for the 42km in another 6 hours. I was not sure whether it was the correct move to massage before the race, because of what had happened in the run that I will share in my race report later.

You can see my face expression, it was so natural until I did not notice or realize how ugly I was.

Then we went back to bed after I informed WJ to meet at 2.30am at the guest house lobby.

Good night.


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