Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Registered 2 more FM's

Before the early-bird closing date which is May 1st, I have managed to pay RM90 to register for the full marathon that I always wanted to join, which is River Jungle Marathon (RJM). To be frank, I like the idea of "run your own race", which means run as fast as you could to finish early, or run as comfortable as you can to enjoy the scene. I plan to do the RJM in makan angin pace and take photos along the way.

The only question that I have "Is it possible to run a full marathon bring along the DSLR which is not lightweight to carry for 42km?"

If you would like to join, you could visit here.

I found that the registration portal still showing RM90, for those that wants to enjoy the early bird fee, please act fast :P

In another few days I knew that Penang Bridge International Marathon is going to be open for registration on 28-April. I wanted to register early but I have totally forgot about it and only managed to register on Sunday night. The numbers are running fast, but I cannot retrieve the bib number that I have got.

The early bird fee for full marathon is RM60, valid from 28 April to 30-May. Please register quickly at the official site of PBIM.

I had a personal best at PBIM 2011 and I hope to do better in FM's 2012. Hopefully with the right training, right conditioning and right hydration and refuel, I could do better at beat the stretched target at 4:15.

Until then.... train hard.

In April alone.... I have paid RM313 for race entry fee, which is quite a lot for events below. I think all the major events should have been covered, the schedule is already packed and I shall start saving money to make all the necessary trip :P


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