Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tax Paying Season Ends...soon

Wow, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri has taken a lot of money from me in advance, every month and we only get to redeem it more than 1 year later. The amount is so huge after checking the EA form, although I knew how much they have taken every month.

I tried to reduce or utilize the rebate in maximum so that I can get some money back, then I could use it for other purpose, such as funding budget for race, equipments (yeah... I like this idea, but it is not even enough to buy a decent bike), sport shoes (Oops, my wife would not be happy to see this) and maybe travel budget.

Since I was generous enough to buy most of the items on the wanted list, it is just a few item left, which I could still delay or persuade myself not to do it, yet. The idea of putting a 'bike' in the wanted list seems like a good idea. The angels and demons are fighting inside my head... oh no...

Let's see how much the government want to pay me back!

Besides, I have make a new rule to stop my spending habit, I just reward myself too much in 2012. Since I have set RM200 as the monthly limit or RM2400 as annual limit for shopping, it is a good start but I keep blowing off the budgeted amount. Therefore, the rules that I made is, for every dollar exceeds RM200 or the budget, I need to contribute the same amount of money into my family fund, which cannot be accessed easily.

What a brilliant idea?! wahahahaha.....

So, if I want to buy a pair of RM500 Asics Kayano, I need to pay RM500 to the store and RM500 to family fund. That will be RM1000 for a pair of Asics Kayano. If I end up spending less than RM200, I can keep spending. This measure is to curb the bad spending habit become uncontrollable. Should I make it 2x the amount?

Don't talk about this. Let's see how it goes in this 2 months first.

People, just remember to declare and submit your e-filing before the end of 30-April 2012. Else, you will end up a few hundred ringgit poorer.

Good luck~!

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