Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RM269 is Justified.

My wife said she has no eye to see again~!!!!

Not that she could not see but she chooses not to see because I made it again. What did I do?

Teng teng.. teng... TENG....

I have bought myself a new trail running shoes, the type of shoes that I do not have and probably I need because I do not want to run on the trail with my lightweight shoes, they do not have sufficient protection and traction (I don't know what is it) but I believe it is something like 'grip' on the trail or mud.

Let me justify my purchase :P I had a crush on it when I saw it don't know how many months ago and I keep revisiting the outlet whenever I went to QBM or Sunway Carnival. The price stays until they put up RM289 to clear it or to make space for other shoes on the rack. I was hesitant and I told myself it was still expensive, so I did not buy it. At one time, I saw they put on the 'last pair' label but I still held myself. Stopping the impulsive shopping desire is very difficult.

Until last Friday, I went to the outlet again after having my lunch at the QBM food court. I was looking for the same pair of shoes again, and it was still there but with a another price cut of RM20. That was the first time I asked the promoter to hand me the last remaining pair to try on, I know the size is US8.5, the same as the Adizero Agios that I have.

I knew I was not going to let it go this time and I tried to look for defects and maybe some other factors that could stop me from buying but there is none that I aware of. I'm happy on it, with the Continental rubber outsole, hopefully it is really useful and can prevent me from getting injured in trail running.

I shall take it to maybe a couple of 5k run before putting it on for the Penang International Hiking Challenge this weekend.

Although it is not a huge discount from the original price of RM340 but I'm quite satisfied with the ~20% discount on one pair of Adizero.



K-19 said...

Good luck and all the best, Banana King! :D

Seeing as it's been wet wet wet last couple of days, a proper pair of trail shoes definitely justified! (what do women know eh? *whoopsy*) :P

Can't wait to read your adventure story, in less than 8 hrs, and counting... :-)

choonshih said...

K-19. Are you a runner too?

It has been a tough morning during the race. Will see if I can write a race report by Monday.