Friday, April 20, 2012

Races Registered in These 7 Days

In the past 7 days, I have registered a few races in coming months. I'm going to splash money again to travel and to enter races, I believe my wife has something to say about it, but she told me different story. Erm.... like she will be following me to the races so that she can visit her friends at those area. Actually it is not bad to bring my wife a long, in fact it is good because we can tag along the tiring trip to those destinations, we could chat and keep myself accompanied.

Below are the races that I have registered:
  1. Shape Run, Putrajaya. 11.8km on 14-July
  2. Sungai Petani Half Marathon on 01-September
  3. Taiping International Full Marathon on 16-September
I have paid RM50 for the early bird registration for Taiping International Full Marathon because one of the KPI is to hit 4 FM in 2012, so cannot afford to miss this event. Then, I have to register SP Half Marathon manually to some bank transfer (RM39) and email communication with the organizer. It is not as convenient, but it is considered done. Finally, I have made up my mind to join the Shape Run in Putrajaya, it has been 3 years+ I have not been there. I think it would be great to be there again, but I hate the route in Putrajaya, too many precincts and very confusing for me, who don't know the Geography of Putrajaya very well. This is an expensive event which cost me RM64 including the race bib courier to my home. Anyhow, I hope to judge it after the event.

One thing in common is all this 3 events are new to me, I have not join any of these events, I believe it would be a new experience in each of the race.

One thing that is playing in my mind is whether to do River Jungle Marathon (RJM) or King of The Road? Both of the events fall on the same day, I can only exist in one place at one time. As much as I want to join the RJM, because it is new to me, it is non-competitive, it is running in trail/jungle or more off-roads, but can I recover soon enough to do Taiping International FM? On the other hand, I want to improve my timing on KOTR, I did not run fast enough, or I did not try hard enough to finish the race last year. After Malakoff Penang which I clocked 1:21 vs KOTR 2011 at 1:35, I hope I could beat that timing and maybe 1:18 or less is a realistic target.

It is a difficult decision. Let me spend another few days to think about it.

Sunday is the judgment day for the 9.5km hiking/trail. OMG....

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