Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolutions

It was a great 2010, but I hope for a better 2011, to reach another milestone, another height, and another stage of life. By writing it down, I hope I would be able to make sure that I can always refer back to what I have promised to myself and others. Let us start:

  1. Walk the talk. If I have hundreds of things to change, this needs to go first. I hope I can plan ahead, plan well, execute, manage and deliver.
  2. Be more financially savvy. It has been spending spree for quite some time. It is time to save more, invest more. Pick up the skills that I've had before.
  3. Hat-trick @ 28. House, wedding and honeymoon, argh.... all needs money. I really hope that I can make sure the house can up on time to be a sweet home. Wedding stuff, it has to go faster and further. Honeymoon, already bought the air tickets, then need more planning on the free & easy itinerary.
  4. Be a better negotiator. I think I have a big nose, and having the taurus zodiac, I tend to be taken to round the garden, without any objection, and end up as the losing side, financially. I need to stand firm and solid.
  5. Serious in running. For healthier lifestyle, better self-satisfaction, I want to be really fit, physically, mentally and emotionally. I want to be a sub-4.5hrs marathon runner, first run is the Sundown marathon, Singapore. Sub 2hrs half marathoner, and 45 min for 10k run. I want to skim the flesh at mu waistline too.
I think I should be able to update the resolutions or add new goals from time to time. Hopefully, by putting in effort, creativity and persistence, it would be great 2011.

Remind me of my resolutions if you see me, from time to time. I'll be very grateful. Hopefully you have a great 2011, too.


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