Thursday, September 16, 2010

A trip to Gurney Plaza

I have been told by ManQing that we have not been to Gurney Plaza for the whole year until yesterday. Gurney Plaze is not a place for me, I'd say because I'm not a savvy consumer when I saw the word sales or the label with x number of percentage off each products. In fact, the most irresistible ones are food, I wonder how much I have spent for food only for the whole year.

First we had out breakfast or brunch in Suhsi King, The Koi and Sakae Sushi did not want to open early to do our business, so boh huat laa.... Then, MQ spent quite some time in Padini concept store, a place with expensive and cheap things. Got my gift in there, I accept it because still in Mega Sales, price cut down 50-70%. Then we went our own ways, MQ went to Nichii and I went to sports attire shops, at last I have got my Adidas running shorts, but no discount, a bit painful, but it will surely live up to its RM80 price tag.

After ding dong ding dong, then we went to G Hotel to redeem or spend the cash voucher. Wow, it is a nice place to just sit down with lover, family or friends. I think we got ourselves a banana shake or what, taste not so good. I'm tempted to relate to things that looks good, not necessary taste good, or it is really good. Anyway, we went to don't know what name Gelato shop to get the mint and strawberries gelato. Nah... its below average, I would say. No next time if there are better options.

Then, headed to Loccitane, not sure what is the correct spelling, to buy her something, not sure whether it is moisturizer. Woo... not cheap, man. Anyway, just hope that it is always effective as she claimed.

Don't want to mention about the long queue in Penang Bridge due to power cables was caught in fire. Sienz...


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