Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I bought a pair of new shoes again? No..way...

I remembered that I've posted up a status in FB that sounds like this.

I thought I already gave up searching for a new pair of lightweight running shoes, because for those that I have surveyed, the price is crazy, ranging from RM300 over to RM4XX. I know that I'm not gonna spend that kind of money, at least not now, for a pair of shoes. Asics Phoenix, GT2150, are within my radar but the price just restricting me to dream further of having it or them (I wish).

Luckily, I went to the Pacific wholesale or clearance sales, whatever sales it is in Auto City, Juru. I saw one pair of Adidas running shoes, I tried it on, then I just walked away. I was struggling, to buy? not to buy? to buy? not to buy? I told ManQing that I saw the running shoes that is quite cheap. Then she said, let's go try it out again. Woohoo... I bet she has forgotten the FB status at that particular moment.

When I was in the room, or chamber I should say, because it is just a temporary room, and it is small. I saw people grabbing the shoes that I have eyed since I left a moment ago. I try both side of the shoes, they are lightweight running shoes, and it is Adidas, a reputable brand, from my point of view. I walked, and tried my best to feel the connection between myself and the shoes.

Finally, we established the connection, I'm the new owner of the shoes, not the store anymore, sorry. The whooping price tag did scare me a bit RM449.50. Kill me if I would buy a shoes for that price, just apply for this 6 months time frame :p Don't forget, it is still Mega Sales period by that time, and I only paid half of the price. I think I have got myself a real bargain.

Some people might think I have too many shoes, yes, I do have a lot of shoes, but running shoes is just the 2nd pair in 3 months time, and the 3rd pair in almost 3 years time... not so bad eh?


#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

LOL... I really forgotten that FB status until after a few days... I think that night the big 50% had covered my eyes :p

Hope this pair of new running shoes can let you perform better for the upcoming short marathon...

choonshih said...

I hope for that too, but I don't really have time to try it on, tie the shoe laces, and jog with it yet.