Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb Movie Marathon - The Goods Live Hard Sell Hard

If you are a car salesman, it probably good for you to watch this movie. It is about a group of car salesmen that business owner employs to boost up the car sales or to rescue the business. It is more like a comedy to me because you can watch a lot of stupid stuff in this movie, including dildos falling down from the sky, smoking in the aeroplane, many ridiculous selling techniques, a 10 year old boy with age 30 look, and so on.

I just enjoy the movie as it does not require much of comprehension, you just watch, laugh and can totally forget about it later. One of the lesson that I have take away from this movie is when you want to sell something, you need to visualize the scene to your prospect, and convincing them from there.

Make them believe and you will get the sales.

Rating: 3/5

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