Saturday, February 6, 2010

My FIRSTs in January 2010

Wooh.... seems like the clock is ticking faster than anytime before this. This is the month of February even I do not have time to summarize my first month of 2010. I remembered I had a picnic with ManQing at Mengkuang Dam on the very first day of 2010, busy buying best deal of winter clothing, and so and so.

Let me make a few 'FIRST' points to be remembered:
  • First time picnic at Mengkuang Dam.
  • First time someone pays my shopping bill.
  • First winter experience. -6 deg C.
  • First time to meet my US and Thailand counterparts.
  • First Thai nickname.
  • First time to try Corona, Paulaner, Perrier, and Lynchburg Lemonade.
  • First time to write own promotion recommendation email to boss.
  • First time to overpay for the taxi.
  • First time to have accident during business travel.
  • First time buy so many things for ManQing, and family members.
  • First time to be the price 'negotiator' and language translator.
  • First time to say multiple 'NO' to my boss in a few days time.
  • First time to see and spend some time in the business lounge.
  • First time to wear 4 layers of clothes.
  • First time to make expensive call and someone else pay for it, hopefully.
  • First external audit on my program and failed terribly.
  • First time speak to American more than I ever did.
  • First time to had a very bad spagetti at Sticks, Queensbay.
  • First time to have family gathering at Genting Highland, to celebrate father's birthday.
The list is still far from the end, but I need to stop here. Everyday we learn new things, to make ourselves become a better person ,or to make this world to become a better place.

We just can't stop learning. Hopefully all will become better and better.


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