Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb Movie Marathon - The Perfect Getaway

A perfect getaway from the tedious working environment, who doesn't want that? Of course, everyone wants it, but a honeymoon to a place like Honolulu, Hawaii should be in everyone's top 10 travel destination list, but not with the psycho killer along.

The movie will surprise you as the way they make it that you will think that who is the killer? I know that there is a killer couple in Honolulu, but which couple? The movie is making a documentary of Honolulu, as you can see a beautiful waterfall with naked ladies (Oops, not boobs shown!), grand cliff, green mountain trail, and of course the ocean and the waves.

It took almost one hour or more to actually let you know who is the killer, most of the time they were just talking, and try to project false impression to you. Is this the trick to capture the attention? Not very good tactic though.

Rating: 3/5

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