Monday, December 20, 2010

I want to be like Energizer

My first night race, a full marathon at Singapore is on, and I'm still hunger for more. Looks like I feel good to drain my energy just to make extra miles, and make myself happy, probably feel better of myself. However, it does nothing good for my wallet.

I've told myself for 2011, I'll be taking part in one, and only one marathon abroad, which is the Sundown marathon because I foresee the spending in 2011 will be a few 'X' of 2010. Not sure whether I want to go to Sepang for this one, have not really step into the circuit. argh... money and time is the main barrier now.

I'm interested to join the Bareno run, which provides 21km finisher T, first that I ever heard, but not cheap. Planning to join Standard Chartered full if not half marathon. It is not so happening in Penang.

How good if I can make RM1 for each km I've ran, then probably I will stretch myself to achieve better mileage, just for the $$$.

Let me plan my budget before committing too much. I have to remind myself that money is the biggest barrier at the moment.


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