Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Most Common Excuses for Not Changing

Justification for failure are sometimes well founded, 
sometimes imagined, 
but in either case, people use them to confirm their preexisting 
belief that their lives can’t get better. It gives them a reason to be 
discouraged—and not to try.

People resist change because they are afraid of the unknown.
Only when a situation becomes too painful are people motivated 
to make a change. Don’t wait for your life to become unbearable. 

1. I'm not educated
  • Change one thing: Change your communication style. Use more body language.
  • Dump one thing: Drop the idea that you need a degree or MBA to be successful.
  • Keep one thing: List out your strengths and hold on them
2. I don't speak so good
  • Change one thing: Practice your enunciation.
  • Keep one thing: Keep your accent, it reflects your personality.
  • Dump one thing: Don't try to pronounce difficult words. Use smaller words instead.
3. I don't have enough experience
  • Change one thing: Volunteer yourself to get more experience.
  • Dump one thing: Don't be afraid of trying something new because you have not done it before.
  • Keep one thing: Keep a record of your successful projects.
4. I'm too smart
  • Change one thing: Listen before you speak. Ask gentle questions.
  • Dump one thing: Stop taking credit for everything.
  • Keep one thing: Hang on to your self-confidence. Lead by example, not giving orders.
5. I'm unattractive
  • Change one thing: A little make up. Natural looking, face enhancing kind.
  • Dump one thing. Get rid of clothing that does not work for you. Throw them and don't look back.
  • Keep one thing. Find the one from your close that you feel good in it. Get different colours.
6. I was fired from my last job
  • Change one thing: Don't play victim, business is business. Leave with grace and with you head held high.
  • Keep one thing: Stay optimistic. Getting laid off is unpleasant, but it is not a death sentence.
  • Dump one thing: Never speak badly about your former employers, no matter how much you hate your job.
7. It is too late to try something new
  • Change one thing: More networking. Do it with someone you are comfortable with.
  • Dump one thing: Lose the idea of going for four/five networking events a week.
  • Keep one thing: Hold on to enthusiasm for what you are doing.
8. I'm too old
  • Change one thing: Change your hair style. Get a tailored suit.
  • Keep one thing: Keep your sense of humour.
  • Dump one thing: Stay away from the sun. Never wear toupee or do a comb-over.
9. The world is against me
  • Change one thing: Turn adversaries into allies.
  • Dump one thing: Get rid of the notion that you are in it alone.
  • Keep one thing: Keep the burning desire to succeed and stay on top of the game.
10. No one takes me seriously
  • Change one thing: Think before you speak. Pause in between.
  • Dump one thing: Stop fidgeting!
  • Keep one thing: Keep your personality.

It’s easier and less 
daunting if you make one small change at a time, rather than 
attempting a total overhaul down the road.

Source: Change One Thing - Anna Soo Wildermuth with Jodie Gould

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