Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It has been a while

It has been a while that I step into the gymnasium to keep myself fit. At least it was a few weeks ago before I went to Guilin. At least it was a few weeks ago when I got injured in a Saturday futsal game. At least it was quite some time ago that I can't remember how long exactly I have been missing the weekly gym activities.

In order to boost up my stamina, I have always like to do the cardio. I ran for 20 minutes, 3.4km and burned out 260 kcal, theoretically. Now, after 10 hours, I finally feel it at my tights. Besides, I have done some sit ups that simulates the football heading style to shape my abs, it has been ugly for quite some time already, 3 years or more, maybe. The work out isn't killing me but the lack of fun of it does, maybe I should try to make it more interesting.

What I like the most about the gym session is after-gym time. The shower in my company is amazing. The water pressure is good, the water temperature can be adjusted until nice, the different shower head gives you different pleasure under the water. I wish my home have one like that.

Maybe I should write that down so that I know what to do when I have one shower at my home next time. The criteria is high water pressure, adjustable temperature with mixing capability, interchangeable shower heads, and a tempered glass wall (wow....).

Enough, I should go to brown belt training now. :p

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