Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's another bad day

I was reluctant to write an article about the bad day, as I think it is going to last longer than I thought. Early in the morning, I cut the edge of my upper lip with the blazer while I was shaving. The cut was clean and not burning, until I saw the blooding flowing out. Luckily the platelet still can function well to stop the bleeding, it is not that bad, huh?

Then, Hui Ming drove me to work as we used to be. Checking back all the emails is not a hassle anymore with the systematic inbox management. For all the emails that I don't want to read or those reminders that keep repeating, I just selected them, marked them as 'read' and move to archive. Suddenly the email list from close to hundred trimmed down to less than 20, only less than five that is work related. The worst email that I have read so far is the announcement made by  Stevie about promotion, compensation and focal. No promotion in this fiscal year, what the fuck!!!

It triggered me, for all this while I was waiting for something that never exist and it makes me wait. It was demotivating, it is like a beautiful dream and suddenly you fall down from high, hit your head, and serves as a reminder sounds 'Wake up, pig!!!'. However, I still kept an open mind to attend the staff meeting that held by my manager, and to my surprise when I brought up questions regarding the compensation, he told us that he did not read that email. What an effective manager, that always stressing about taking up more responsibility, life long learning, and move one step up.

I comforted myself for the answer given by another manager reporting to my direct manager. Issues to be brought up to engineering staff meeting on Thursday. I was thinking, this is not going to solve the problems. Suddenly the lyric from Jay Chou's song popped up... 我受够了等待,你所谓的安排…… what a sad song.

I have decided to update my resume in jobstreet, and for your information that particular web site is being blocked in my company, but there is a way to enter it. I logged in and took a look at my update time, it was March 2009. I told myself I need to get it done within this week and open myself for more opportunity.

It is bad, but I told myself when one door is closed, several will open. You just need to look and choose carefully.

Good luck, man...

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#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

Don't worry, dear... there are many doors out there for you... I already found mine, just take your time to choose, and i believe everything will be fine soon :)