Saturday, October 9, 2010

Project 52

I've forgot when did I buy the DSLR, and project 365 has not even cross my mind for years until today. I seriously thinking to post some photos up to my blog or FB, daily photos? no way... how could I achieve that number given the time I need to spent on other things? Impossible, but not impossible entirely. I think probably I can start Project 52 instead?

The idea really flowing in after I've bought myself a lens that I have wanted for so long, besides getting a new camera body. I have spent half a thousand, this is an amount that my dear keep complaining that she could do much things with it, but people see things, and value things differently. I've told myself to forget about getting a new camera in short term, errmmm, I would say in the near 6 to 12 months. I also promise myself that I would be a very cautious in spending, just to make sure that I can help ManQing to materialize somethings that we want for out future.

Looks like the long wish list that includes a better DSLR, iPhone4, MacBook, especially those high tech gadget are going to be friezed. Never mind lar....I should talk about Project 52. Besides, I did not discard the flash light from my wish list or more accurate to say, the must spend list, but I really need to prolong the service life of my Alpha 200 if I really want to get a flash.

hmm.... I have the photos inside the memory card, but I'm lazy to download it, to post it up, that's why Project 365 is not going to happen, we'll see whether Project 52 could be something really special :p

Still thinking whether to post up the 1st 50mm F1.8 photo for 1/52..... tik tok tik tok....



#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

help me or help "us" to materialize wor...
hahaha.... ok, i will stop complaining, and make sure you fully utilize your new lense, and start saving more (pls temporarily forget about your long wish list) :p

choonshih said...

hmm... that's always a 'gap' when using words to express something. It is our effort to build or shape our future.

Long wish list cannot be forgotten :p