Sunday, October 26, 2008


That's the  first word in my mind when I saw the KTM train arriving at the KL Sentral station. It has been very long time I saw so many people waiting for train, maybe it was Saturday, and it was the weekend before Deepavaili, so I guess most people was getting out from homes to shop or merely window shopping in Midvalley.

I was listening to the news about how the KTM or government body wanted to improve human traffic in the KTM train stations by dividing the crowds to queue according to different colour code earlier in the week. However, what I've witnessed was how bad or extremely disorganized crowd at the station. People pushing here and there just want to get on the train. Hmm... this indirectly remind me that our government really bad in planning, executing nor delivering. 5 billions to save the stock market? I guess it would be totally a different story if the government put the effort in improving the public transport in Malaysia.

I am not gonna keep condemning out government, the crowd plays a major role in this whole mess too.  Even that I've lined up, sorry there was no queue when the train arrived. I had to squeezed myself into the train, I bet I would not be able to get in if I bring along my camera. Beside that, I almost fell into the platform gap because being pushed from behind, luckily I am plum enough and could not fit the gap. Stupid and anxious city people stuck in a place so called 'Kuala Lumpur' city, is that the capital of Malaysia?

Another thing I encountered was I found that I had difficulties going out from the train too, not just entering it. When it was reaching one station, the crowd will storm into the train when the doors are open. I spent almost 1 minute getting out of the train even that I was only 4 normal steps away from the door. When I see this shits, I tend to blame someone or something... if it is not the government, who else? Of course, some stupid passengers as well.


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