Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NTCRC Across-3-States Half Marathon

I was not feeling well, or I was feeling lazy after spending whole Saturday joining and helping out in Hooi Kheng and Kuan Meng's wedding. My legs were not excited at all, not like the time during the PBIM 2011 which I stayed up until 2am to make sure myself was good for the race. Anyway, I slept around 1am, and I had to wake up at 4.45am, I can't believe it.

The alarm woke me up, I went down to prepare everything, woke up my wife who was very enthusiastic to help me taking the photo of crossing the finishing line, later I will show you the masterpiece of my wife. I do appreciate it because I did ask her to skip this race as she was so sleep-deprived due to the wedding as well, although not as intense as me, because I had to run here and there to capture some photos. Where are the photos? I need to ask from ChunChew.

I took 2 sips of Milo that I prepared for my wife and half hand full of macadamia nuts because I did not have anything for breakfast. Haih... in PBIM, I had classic Chicken McDeluxe value meal. Then, we drove to Nibong Tebal through the creepy Bukit Teh, Tasek, Valdor and reached the starting line just in-time.

Wife was trying very hard to capture a photo of me in the dark dawn at 6am, but the built-in flash did not perform well enough, all black and without me. I guess it is time to justify to get an external flash. :P

Met up with Dan, a friend that added me in Dailymile, we greeted each other and the race started in minutes. I'm not sure how to run a half marathon since I have not running any since the last PBIM 2010 which I have clocked 2.09, due to muscle cramps and blisters in the unforgettable rainy days. I started the race without any doubt, telling myself to finish it in 2 hours, because I did not foresee how well I can do it.

I started in intermediate pace, but I don't know how fast or how slow, it is a biological HRM. I did not see any distance marker until the first water station which people told me that that's the 5km. After a 2 glasses of 100 Plus, I picked up my speed and I told myself to catch up with whoever that I see in front of me. So, I tried as hard as I could, but I still try to suppress myself not to exceed the 'no-way-return' pace. It worked quite well.

Ran passed the 'highway' in front of USM Engineering Campus and towards Clock Tower at Parit Buntar town, and towards Bandar Baharu, then I was lost, I just followed the runner in front of me. I felt good when I went past a few runners and be able to maintain my pace until I see the side entrance of USM Engineering Campus again, I did not know how far to go and how far I have gone. It is torturing.

Then, we were directed to Bukit Panchor by the marshall but by that time, I was so weak, the pace dropped dramatically, I felt the heat underneath my feet due to the friction, I don't like blisters. The last few km were very bad, I could not hold the pace, but when I turned into the Nibong Tebal town again, I know that it is close, the most 2-3 km to go, so I had to keep running.

3 veterans ran passed me which I have overtook one hour ago, I guess. They must be laughing at me because I cannot hold up :P I saw the banner, the finishing line, I saw my wife, I ran in normal pace because I know that I cannot go faster than that already. I checked my watch at the finishing line at 1:52:14. A good result, but I asked my wife to wait there at 1:20. LOL... I told her after the race that I want to be the champion.

I'm a bit disappointed because I though I can go lower than 1:40. I got the ranking the 35 in the open category. Not bad, but can it be 3 only or 5 only? Never mind, I try again next time to come back stronger and faster.


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