Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Philips Micro Hi-Fi MC147 [Wanted]

I always want a Micro Hi Fi in my living room. Why? I enjoy listening to music, great songs, oldies while lazying myself on the couch. Now, the opportunity is here.

I need to be among the first 10,000 to spend RM4,000 to get a guaranteed gift of a Philips Micro Hi-Fi. I got to know that on the 3rd or 4th of December and I have completed the task on Sunday 11-12-2011. Someone must be saying that I'm too desperate, or doing too much just for one Micro Hi-Fi.

Maybe you don't know. The Micro Hi-Fi would come in almost free, with the condition that some adjustments to be made.
  1.  First, consolidate the list of due payments that you have. If the amount is not enough,  ask from your family members whether they have any unsettled bills.
  2. Second, add the sum up. If it is more than RM4,000, register your SC card immediately according to the preset format.
  3. Proceed to swipe the cards at selected outlets or make online payments.
  4. Finally, collect the money and settle the credit card bill.
It is easy, isn't it? Although I'm not so convinced that I will be among the 10,000 who charged RM4,000 to the Standard Chartered credit card, but there is hope.

I mentioned that it would incur some cost including the extra traveling you made to settle some payment for others, some advance payment that you need to make in order to make up the amount, call and time cost of making arrangements, etc. However, I hope actually by getting the Hi Fi, I can forget about the hassle that I have caused.

Let's hope I can get this Micro Hi-Fi at the beginning of March 2012. Although it is a bit long, but I can wait :P because they will only announce the winner by 29-Feb-2012. Maybe I can win myself an extra LED TV too.... LOL...

Good luck~!

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