Monday, December 19, 2011

2012 Resolution Proposal by Runners World

I have yet to conclude a report for 2011 but I have stumble upon a beautiful and motivating article in Runners World 2012 January issue. I'm getting excited after having a good meal, with 2 portion of vegetable, tofu, fried anchovy, and barley. I feel so healthy :P

LOL... Anyway, I would like to share the 12 resolutions propoased that could reignite the passion for running and have more fun. (Level of difficulty is included to give you a heads up what you are getting into)

  1. Run Farther (7/10) - If you are at 5k, move to 10k; if you are at 10k, move to half marathon; if you are at 21k, move to full marathon. I'm thinking I'm a 3 time full marathon finisher, shall I attempt the ultramarathon? Probably 50k?
  2. Try Yoga (4/10)- Practising yoga gives you whole-body strength, especially hips, core and upper body. Ei... I just signed up yoga class with my wife last week, we paid the fees for one quarter, so I guess it would make a little difference :D
  3. Lose 10 Pounds For Your Good (10/10)- Some good suggestion including have protein in every meal, eat a meal within one hour after running, don't skip meals, stay hydrated before, during and after running, eat food, don't drink it,
    run from fast food, and lastly, eat only when you're hungry.
    I've shed ~2kg, equivalent to 4.4pound in 3 months. Now, I'm 65.5kg +/- 1kg. I want to cut more and gain more lean muscles.
  4. Be More Consistent (6/10)- Start with reasonable goal, develop a plan, record the workouts and make it happen. I'm in the middle of setting my resolution in 2012, must try to be more ambitious, rather than too conservative.
  5. Try A Triathlon (8/10)- You know what? I actually think about this. I want to join one, but the plan is not concrete yet. I need support from multiple aspects, from wife, family, work, finance, etc... I need a road bike, I need time to learn how to swim properly. How could I do it if I do not sacrifice some of the routine that I'm doing?
  6. Win A Medal (9/10)- Is that really so difficult?

    I do not want to pick a low publicised, inaugural, low turn-out races to win a medal. Although it is quite difficult, but it is challenging.
  7. Try Real Trail Running (4/10)- This one is also in my mind. I want to do more trail running, but this means I need to buy extra shoes, could have more injuries, etc. But, that's the way people run in ancient time, there is no asphalt a few centuries back.
  8. Stop Giving Up (6/10)- It is coherent with my motto "Sign up, train up and show up". I shall expect myself to be mentally stronger in 2012, despite all the obstacles and challenges ahead. Don't miss the training.
  9. Figure Out My Watch (2/10)- Fully utilize your watch. Use the split function for interval training. Did it meantion that getting a new GPS-enabled watch? I want to get one!!!
  10. Give Back to The Sports (3/10)- Volunteer in sports events, handing out waters, cheering for the participants, raising funds for trail maintenance, etc. In my mind, I was thinking like, be a pacer? LOL... I'm so ambitious. Or, at least, 'sell' running to people around me, which I'm doing. My wife has pick up running recently, I hope she will get benefits from it.
  11. Find More Partners (3/10)- First, there was a stranger I met in, his name is Dan. We had just completed a Valdor Run 2011 together, I finished slightly in front of him. It is fun to have a partner. Secondly, my wife. I'm going to accompy her to do some leisure run for her good.
  12. Beat my PR (9/10)- Setting a new personal record seems like a good resolution but it is not easy without diligence, patience, determination, training, and luck. This caught my eyes, develop leg strength by hill running, core strength with core exercise, speed with intervals, training consistency and good nutrition are all important.

2012 is coming ... be prepared.

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