Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm wondering what I should get for myself in the very last month of 2011. I have always wanted a few things, but I never really want to buy it because it is not the 'perfect' one for me yet. However, I still tend to spend time, another valuable asset to check the latest trend, technology, price and review. This is what I have done for the whole morning when my boss is away :P

I guess there is no way to miss the items in my wish list. Smartphone, DSLR and GPS-enabled Heart Rate Monitor watch are all in the list for quite some time. I do not want to spend because I need to spend, hence, I keep looking for justification to acquire something that 'expensive', I term something expensive in 2 ways, one is being the market value or monetary value of the item, secondly is the need of getting the item. More often, I will divert myself from buying those things, because they are really expensive.

Since I'm quite free, let me go through one by one. First, smartphone.I'm still using the Nokia 6233 that I have bought for myself in 1997 when I was still in university. During that time, the iPhone still a rumour, and my coursemate, Fook Wai told me that my Nokia phone looks like the iPhone, yet I still do not know anything about it, because I do not want to know it. Besides, I don't really know Steve Jobs that time. Now, probably venturing into different business other than routine 9to5 work, I had acquired myself a new phone number, a couple number with my wife. I would foresee there is going to be much conversation and meeting being held with the partners and probably communication with customers or vendors, so I guess need one phone that is smart that allow me to go on-line anytime, anywhere. Now the sim card is temporary hiding inside the phone that I have 'confiscated' from my mom. I want a windows phone.

Justification for smartphone:
  1. I got a new number that needs a smart home to work.
  2. I am going to have much communication or interaction with wife and business partners.
  3. I would like to have a new phone. (lousy justification!!!)
Secondly is the DSLR, I have held several DSLR that was released months before and I felt that my DSLR is way behind them, in term of technology, megapixels, function, etc. I can name a lot. I am tempted to buy a second hand camera body, selling my baby (but I don't really want to sell it). I used the Canon D550, I saw the D60, I held the D90 and D3100. Each and everyone of them is awesome. I wanted a new one, but a better second hand camera body will do. I need a portrait lens and an external flash too.

Justification for DSLR:
  1. My camera is old enough and many many generations away from its successors.
  2. I can shoot good photo if I have a 'good' camera, just like any amateurs holding Canon MK-II can shoot an award-winning photo.
  3. I'm not poisoned or addicted like some other photobugs.
Lastly is the hybrid of HRM and GPS watch. I have been checking the brand of Timex, Garmin and some other so so brands. I would like to buy something that I can use anytime, any sports, anywhere. I have locked my target although it is a quite 'old' model, just because it has been released some time ago, the function is still the best among all, just not so fancy.

Justification for GPS enabled HRM watch:
  1. It is a good training partner/coach. It can help me to make progress in my training as well as in the competition.
  2. It is a good 'life-saver'. Sometimes, accident happens because of our negligence. We do sports and we apply stress to our heart, it is good to something always there to tell you to 'slow down'.
  3. It is also a fancy watch. Maybe I can influence others to run more too.
LOL... I feel funny also writing all these because I keep justifying myself for each purchase, but I am yet to make up my mind. Is this procrastination? or delay gratification? I just list out all the pulling factors but not the pushing factors, is it not fair?

How? Buy all?
  1. Windows smartphones. Phone cost RM1800. Usage/maintenance cost RM80/month.
  2. New SLT-A55V, RM2300. New flash RM800. Second hand SLT-A55 RM1650 + second hand flash RM400.
  3. Garmin Forerunner 310XT. RM1200.
Who wants to pay my bill? Probably RM5000 - 6000. Siao.....

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