Friday, December 16, 2011

Sushi Addiction

Recently I'm addicted to Japanese food, especially sushi. I was not fond of sushi long time ago, but don't know since when I started to like sushi and Japanese food, no.... LOVE sushi and Japanese food.

I think I just had 3 times sushi @ Sushi King in this fortnight. First time was with the Seagators at QBM. The last time was with my wifey at Sushi King, Autocity. Today, I just took another sushi meal at QBM again, but this time I went alone, but I totally enjoyed the time I had there. Normally I will just have sushi, rather than sashimi because it is cheaper and more filling to have sushi.

I took some time to made the lunch choice today, either McDonald value meal or Sushi King. McD is much much cheaper than sushi because the portion is larger, but not so healthy. In other hand, sushi, one of the healthy food around is more expensive. I was struggling until I convinced myself that I need more healthy and nutritious food rather than rubbish food.

So, I had 6 piece of salmon sushi and 2 piece of crab sticks sushi, not to forget the 'must-drink' hot green tea. I had three and a half cups. I love it, although Sushi King does not serve the best sushi around. It cost me RM15, almost double the price of the McD value meal and half the portion.

Can I have sushi every Monday? There's 20% discount if pay using the Sushi King credit card with Diners Club. Nudge me if there is any RM2 sushi promotion again :P

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