Sunday, December 18, 2011

Say 'No' To Shark Fins Soup

I suggested to my wife before our wedding dinner that we shall not eat shark fins anymore, many sharks are being killed every day, in inhumanity ways. That is a big different between the 'killing' of other species of fish from the ocean, we eat the fish. In shark fin industry, they capture the sharks, extract the fins and dump it back to the ocean. It is breaking one's hands or legs and dump them in the water.

Enough with the human inhumanity.

We talked to the floor manager of Sunway Hotel that we do not wish to have shark fins, and she told us that they will serve gelatin shark fins only, or simple we call it, artificial shark fins. We are OK with that and I'm glad that we made that decision.

Now, I'm going to spend RM25 or RM50 to get a couple of 'Say No to Shark Fins Soup' T-shirts from Hazel Oakley. Like it or not, I'm trying to contrbute a little with the hope that everyone else also do a little to make this world a better place.

Let our future generation see the sharks. They are beautiful.

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