Monday, November 28, 2011

Bangkok Standard Chartered Marathon 2012... Yes? No? Yes?

I'm still checking the event calendar for 2012 regularly, afraid that I might miss the early bird offer, although it could be just RM10 or 10 dollar in particular currency. I saw the Bangkok Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 has been rescheduled to 12 February 2012 due to flood. I saw the post before, I clicked on it once...then I found that the registration fee is quite expensive, even more expensive than the Sundown Marathon 2011, how could that be? Does the official want to collect more money to help Bangkok city?

2000 Bhat for non-Thai. I'm a non-Thai, so if I want to register RM200 is a gone case. Never mind, I try to justify myself from the package stand point, so I take a look at the flight and accommodation. Ngam ngam I received an sms from AirAsia for priority booking and I looking for a bargain of the year. Sadly, only the air ticket from AirAsia will make me fork out RM500, just to fly... how can that be?

I'm so sad. I still need a place to sleep. I still need to eat a lot. Most probably I will shop a little bit too. Most most probably I have to pay for my wife to fly together, too. It is too expensive, I have to call it off. Hopefully I can make it next time.

RM200+RM500+eat+sleep, I rather make a few trips to KL for some runs that I never participated.

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