Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PB After 3 Marathons

I thought marathon is a piece of cake, and it is NOT. I'm not overestimating myself or underestimating the 42.195km, but I think that certain things are achievable given enough effort, discipline and determination. That's why I simply wrote that I wanted to be a sub-4.5 marathon runner, which is quite a distance away from me. I actually modified the goal to complete 3 marathons within 6 hours and get the finisher T's.

My maiden run at Sundown Singapore was 05:43:40 and I did improved a little bit one month later in Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011, completed the race in 05:22:43. FYI, I was ill-prepared for both the races. What the hell of runs I had... Anyway, I tried to train more for the last marathon in 2011 which is the Penang Bridge International Marathon, but somehow my wife and I need to fly to New Zealand for our honeymoon, so the training was interrupted again

No matter what I beat the odds, I achieved the sub-5 that I had been dreaming of. I got my Personal Best in full marathon with official timing 04:43:40. Wow.... unbelievable, even myself hardly believe it.

Well done and good job. Hopefully I can recover soon enough to run in the next event in 10days time. Half marathon :P.

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