Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 Days post-NZ Trip

I came back from my honeymoon on the 8th November and straight got back to work on the 9th. How great was I? Who knows? I was sick one day after reporting back to work, and then I have to see doctor and got myself the first medical certificate in this company. I was not totally sick, but I was sick.

It was not a REST day for me as well, I took the initiative to do some laundry, 2 rounds (come and see my proud face), dried them and folded some of my own clothes. I was happy and it did crossed my mind that whether I should settle down as a house-husband? However, I was very reluctant to sweep and clean up the floor and it is still full with some of the stuff that we have not tidy up after one week (I mean until now).

On the special 11.11.11, we had a dinner @ Derek's Passion for Food. It is in Kulim. We had the sweet and sour chicken chop and black-pepper chicken chop. The taste is good, quite different from other places, but it would be much better with more gravy on the chicken. The place is inside an neighbourhood, in a residential house,  no luxury nor romantic decoration, like a Malay house and simple furniture. At least, we brought our own deco, the Gerberra (a special bouquet of 11 different colour Gerberra for my wife).

On 13.11.11, we had a great lunch at Mizi's Bistro with parents, brother and little sister and Shanon. We visited there once during KinHoe's birthday celebration. The food was nice and what I like the most is the free flow ice-cream, I had 4 big scoops, of mint, choc, vanilla and corn. Woosh... delicious. After that I went back home and slept on the couch immediately, I guess the ice-crams must have settling well inside my stomach and become part of the fat :p Besides, I love the Aglio Olio spaghetti over there, it was the best that I had in recent years.

I cannot accept the fact that the calories that I have taken in, so I pushed myself for a run. Initially, I wanted a LSD (long slow distance) run, but some how it is almost like the race pace, 6 min/km. Ideally it should be 7.30 min/km or slower, what to do? I'm so freaking nervous that I'm ill-prepared for my last marathon in 2011, and it is happening in 4-5 days time. Help me....

Anyway, I knew all this, the good thing is I'm still bother to do more, to put in more effort. That's the spirit of an athlete, never give up.

Hopefully today I can do some light and easy run.

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