Monday, November 17, 2008

PIG in 2009

Pig born in: 1935(75), 1947(63), 1959(51), 1971(39), 1983(27),1995(15), 2007(3)

Overall Forecast
There are many unlucky stars this year. However, there is still hope as there are a few lucky stars that can lend you a hand. As such, people born in the year of pig is advise to be modest, humble, handle matter logically and try not to be too aggressive. Students will have no problem with study. 
Be mindful with your investment this year. Don’t invest too much. Be vigilance and never make any hasty moves or decisions.

Career or business luck is considered normal with minor obstacle popping along the way. As long as you are modest, humble and handle the matter logically, you should be fine. Evaluate every
situation and do not attempt any huge investment. 
This year is not a good year to change job.

You will feel vexed and stressed out this year with regards to relationship. There is constant conflict and argument this year. Be more tolerant, forgiving and understanding. Learn to give and take. It is not worth it fighting over trivial matters.

You might lose wealth this year. Be conservative in your expenses. Remember to save up for rainy days. Do not gamble or speculate in share, you don’t have luck there. Your normal income is stable.

Relationship luck is not good and as such, you will constantly burn out. This will affect your health. Take some time off to unwind and don’t sweat over small matters. Open up your mind. When outdoor, take extra precaution as you are prone to accident.

***Well, well, well. A few gentle reminder highlighted, looks like the pig is losing luck in the coming year. Read more books, talk to yourself more frequent, balance diet, healthy lifestyle, take care of yourself. It is not a good year, but let's not make it a bad year!

Learn to cruise and ride the waves!


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