Thursday, November 27, 2008


Although it was just a game but I enjoyed boxing very much. The sensor is not that sensitive, or I don't really know how to swing my arm towards my opponent. K.O. the opponent yesterday, but got knocked off today, what a shame!

I lost, and it was a painful experince. (maybe I took it seriously) However, it was a great experience, you can swing your arm towards someone, which is obviously just a video game character, but you can swing as hard as you can. Syok~nya! can release tension and the stress which building up wihout your notice.

I punched, I hooked, but I don't know how to defend myself. wonder got beaten up! I was tired, I was sweating, but I am happy. Feels good!


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Tyng said...

Buy one then u can box as much as u want ^o^
Wii really very nice to play~