Friday, November 7, 2008

Axe is ready!

Looks like there will be a lay-off in my company in the near future, the management try to convince the people that they will try their best to minimize the scale. It is not very surprising, the lay-off is just like a epidemic, spreading from a company to company, region to region in a pace that you cannot really quantify. This is a global issue, not a single entity that can spare from this global credit crisis.

The management mentioned something which is very true, "it is out of our control". It sounds familiar because I used to think that everything can be controlled if you want to. Eventually, I found that it is just impossible. What can I do is control what I can control, like how much effort I want to put into one project. But, even that you spent 36 hours a day to do your work does not mean that you are safe from the axe.

The axe is always there. It is ever ready. Therefore, it is a waste of effort and time if you trying to figure out whether you will be the 'lucky' one, just do your job and enjoy the moment you have.


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