Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I did Last Saturday?

I was thinking hard what did I do last Saturday and I was spending some time to put the pieces together.

I was awake at 6am in the morning, no alarm clock, I guess the biological clock thing works for me, I had been trying to plant this ability that I have lost since some time ago. Surprisingly, I was be able to wake up a few minutes before the alarm was fired, a job well done. However, it needs regular maintenance, else it goes haywire again.

Sitting up on the bed, looking at my sleeping wife, I was hesitating, errrr.... hesitating whether I should go for a run or not because the next day is race day, normally pre-race training is totally prohibited, but if I go down, I will spend hours watching TV, which gains me nothing as well. So, I changed up and went for a neighbourhood run. Dan and co. are doing 10k+ LSD at Sungai Dua and started at 5:30am, too far and too early and too tiring for me, so I ran alone. I thought I could do an 8K, but I was like out of energy on the 6th km, so I called it a day.

Not much sense of accomplishment but sense of satisfaction, because I did something different.

Then, we went to Taman Sentosa with pama to have yam rice, BM famous yam rice. I was in hungry and took a lot of sodium, because the soup was heavily flavoured with salt. I guess no harm take a lil more because I would use them the next day.

Then we went to hunt for furniture or simply storage cabinets for wifey and bed side table for myself. My iphone and magazine are on the floor most of the time, since there was no other 'convenient' space that I could use. We checked out the Move, Micasa and Td, all the cheapo furniture shops but we could not get anything, So sien....

Then, we went for laksa. Taman Bukit laksa. Wifey's favourite too. She was saying that she could have laksa as her lunch every day.

After that, we went home, she fallen asleep. Then, I used the tape that I bought in Tesco to wrap up the legs of my lounge set chairs and table. They have studs but still got corroded after exposing it to the rain splash and sunlight. Worse thing is they left the hard-to-be-removed stains on the floor, spoiled my tiles.

Pama highlighted this long long ago and they did help me to wrap them up with plastic cover so that the legs will not have direct contact with the tiles. After months, finally I took the initiative to wrap up the legs with the tape, since I think additional studs won't help.

I'm not sure whether it will last but I gotta finish all, else maybe it will take another few months for me to do it again. The wrapping is not perfect but I hope it is sufficient to prevent the stain from contaminating the tiles.

FYI, 12 studs cost me RM4.50 but only can do 3 chairs but this 4 rolls of tape is also RM4.50 and I can completely wrap all them up with one roll to spare. Good deal.


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