Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lost my Nike Relentless

Last Thursday, I was very anxious about the quiz of CQE on the next day because I had not done any reading on it, I was bugging by one D to complete certain assessment for him, I was trapped in the traffic and I wanted to do my run, because I have committed myself to fulfill it to my best ability.

After wasting so much time in the traffic jam, I quickly put on my running shoes and went for a run, I thought to do 8k but ended up 6 or 7km only because my body was not in the 'correct' mood to train. I took my dinner at parents' home and went back to the car.

I drove home all the way and when I was unloading my stuff from the car, I took my laptop bag, my chest strap, my day clothes, and I went up stair to wash the sportswear. I felt weird like something is missing, I went down to check again, OMG.... where are my shoes? I tried to recap and the last thing that I remembered is I put in on the roof of my car, then I drove off.

Without much delaying, I called dad to check for me, maybe I just left it on the car porch. Dad searched and told me he found nothing and did not see anything outside the house. I quickly took my shower and drove back again to check whether it dropped somewhere else. I checked in the shoe cabinets, car porch, everywhere inside my car and still not found. I should see it if it was somewhere there because the shoe is very eye-catching with neon sole and shoe laces.

I took the bike to go back and forth the route that I have taken moments ago. I saw nothing. I was so up set, because of my 'chekongness' I lost my shoes. How many times I need to tell myself not to 'che kong'???

At 10pm, I officially declared that I've lost my Nike Relentless which cost me RM192. The shoe mileage is at 196km which means I have paid ~RM1 for each KM on the shoes. I just hope that the person that took it can utilize it.

Last night, I just knew that dad has been talking to the security guards that patrolling around the neughbourhood. There are 4 crews, 1 head and 3 subordinates. 2 of them were telling my dad that they saw the shoes which matches the description that my dad told them. It was on the 3rd subordinate's foot 2 days ago.

I'm not sure whether he will return the shoes to me or not, but I told dad that I could pay RM30 if he returns it to me, I think dad will help to nego with the head security and see how things turn out.

Lesson learned:
  1. Don't che kong no matter what happens.
  2. Don't put things on the car roof.
  3. Don't buy attractive shoes :P (Buy things that you need, I initially bought it to train at dark Batu Kawan LSD)
- sien -

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