Monday, July 9, 2012

Out of Breathe?

Sometimes, in the shorter run like 5k tempo training or 10k or less races, I tend to be running out of breathe, I know that it is not good but it is not bad either. After reading some articles, it could narrowed down to a few possibilities.

  1. I have heart or breathing problems?
    I had been recording 19X bpm using my Garmin 405 HRM and gasping for oxygen for many times and I am still alive, kicking and running. I should be safe. Therefore, I ruled out this cause.
  2. I have low aerobic capacity?
    I guess this is a relative comparison. I have lower aerobic capacity if compared with those elite runners that could run 3:30 - 5:00 pace for a full marathon, but I'm better if compared to those couch potatoes. I shall train more on aerobic training, especially the LSD.
  3. I have shallow breathing?
    Another relative comparison question, but I am breathing using my tummy most of the time because I can observe that my belly becomes bigger when I inhale. Shallow breathing prevents your body to utilize the lung capacity and oxygen adsorption efficiently and it makes you nervous when you are getting tired, and makes you breathe harder and shallower. Not economy. I shall try to run + belly breathing, out 3 strides, in 2 strides. See how it goes.
  4. I'm carrying tension in my muscles?
    In another word, my muscles are not relaxed. Sometimes, we put too much pressure on ourselves, to beat the PB in races, to outperform the training expectations, to show people how good we are and we become so tensed, shoulder locked up, legs muscles are held tightly. Cure? Drop your shoulders, check for tight muscles, relax, smile and enjoy the run.
  5. I do not have enough rest?
    This could happen anytime. Most of the people thinks he is machine or robot, can do the same thing for 24/7 without resting. I'm human. Human make mistakes. I'm constantly reminding myself not to over-train, no back-to-back hard days, sleep enough (7-8 hours at least), enough nutrition, etc. Recovery is part of the training, that's the period of time your body get stronger, so spare time for it.
That's it. Monday is rest day :P Have a nice week ahead.

= woohoo =

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