Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 5? No... you can have iPhone 4S

The much anticipated iPhone 4 did not materialize, instead Apple is launching is improved version of iPhone 4, named iPhone 4S, with better A5 processor, 8MP camera and better antenna. I was correct, iPhone 5 would not be born in 2011 :P but somehow I had to pay extra RM240 in 2 years time for getting an iPhone 4 a few weeks before the launching date of 4S. Visit Apple.

What to do? My wife had always wanted to have one, now she gets it as birthday present. I comfort myself that damage is done and no point for drilling further down to no ends. I can cut down the 'future' loss to RM120 by getting another iPhone 4, but how much MORE I need to pay for another iPhone?

For those that had held their horses, since Apple made an official launching of the 4S, iPhone price will definitely drop, how much? Who knows? but Digi has lead the Telco pack by offering cheaper package, as low as RM43 per month (that's where the RM240 'loss' comes from). Erm... I'm neother a fans or Digi, nor Maxis, but Maxis does provide better network coverage and connectivity quality. If you want to have the cheapest iPhone 4 package, this is the one. You're not charged extra after the quota of 1Gb is used up, but the speed will be throttled down.

Business wise, that's normal. I'm not in any position to make any recommendation but as far as I know. Below is the cheapest package at the moment.

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