Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weight Loss Secrets

Seriously, I reviewed my 2011 resolution and the first thing came into my eyes is 'Walk the talk'. I want to get on diet, but I keep overeating recently. Come on, I might start slowly but I need to practice it consistently. So I'm browsing through some websites to really 'inject' or 'plant' the idea into my head.

Let me share some weight loss secrets with you, with a rating of very easy to very difficult to practice (1 to 5):
  1. Spice it up. (3) I would love to do it but the weather in Malaysia is making thing a little bit complicated. I do not want to go out for lunch dry and comfortable, but come back wet and smelly.
  2. Downsize the supersize. (2) I know that it is tempting. RM1 to supersize to large Coke and fries in McD. Skip the evil thought, stick with the regular one, or small one, even better.
  3. Serve rice with beans. (4) Erm... I guess you need to prepare you own bean in Malaysia, that's very uncommon here,  but you can always halve the rice portion, take more greens and beans, higher fibre and protein.
  4. Try fasting (5). No way, I tend to overeat the subsequent meal for not eating regularly. Why not try to cut the total calories intake into half?

  5. Eat at home more often than out. (3) This is a neutral because I have to eat outside during working days lunch time. Wife is not cooking. However, it is strongly recommended to dine at home, to save money and pounds.
  6. Eat your breakfast (1). This is too easy to be done. However, what to take in breakfast is more critical. I see people take roti canai, nasi lemak, teh tarik. All this will not do you good, but I'm doing it. More grains and fruits, please.
  7. Swap gas pedal for bike pedal. (5) It is a brilliant idea. I would do it if I just live near my workplace and Penang is a bicycle-friendly state. Too bad, none in Malaysia is.
  8. Muesli (Click here) (4). I think I'm gonna find an excuse for not eating this. It is timing consuming for preparing a plate of oats + nuts + fruits, and they're expensive.
  9. Grow your own vege. (3) I will spend some time doing it, but now? it is not so feasible due to the working hours and commitment, but if not now, when? There is nothing that you grow in garden that make you fat.
  10. Turn up the turmeric (Click here). (3) It is a common spice in Malaysia but having it in every dish is crazy. Good news is turmeric is added into the delicious curry. Bad news is they add a lot of santan too.
  11. Sit long, talk lots (3) The chinese does not encourage talking on the dining table, because you would choked or overeat. Is that true? Most of the time, I had dinner alone :(
  12. Crunch more pickles (2). Lovely, but most of the pickles in Malaysia are either high sugar content, or high sodium content or high preservative content. Not so good. Preserving with vinegar?
  13. Sip some tea. (2) Not teh tarik, OK? Try green tea or other chinese tea. No milk. No sugar. Just tea.
  14. Take a Sunday family tour. (2) It can be arranged. I guess there is no better activities than having an outing, rather than sitting in front of TV or laptop.A mengkuang or tokun trip will do.
  15. Get yourself all twisted up. (3) Yoga!!! Pilate!!! I like the idea of the beauty and strength. Let me think about it again. I gotta choose between high adrenaline sports and twisting myself.
  16. Perfect the power nap. (5) I would love to have this. Can I do this in my office? Just a 20-30 minutes nap? Actually sleep deprive will cause overeating due to some hormone imbalance, but in fact, it is just a wrong signal of sleepy.
  17. Make the midday meal the biggest (2). It is easy to do, but choosing the right food is very important too. I can have 2 nasi lemak and one char koay teow for lunch, and it is not helping at all.
  18. Take up nordic waling (Click here) (4). It is also called ski walking. People would think I'm crazy if doing this in the neighbourhood. Can try it at tokun. It burns 20% extra calories.
  19. Eat more herring or sardines. (4) Expensive and not fresh, although the Omega 3 fatty acid will do you much good.
I'm going to drink some green tea now. Trying to 5, 13, 14 and 15, because I'm doing some of them already, but could be in the wrong way :P

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