Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!

Yes, I'm back in action again after missing so many futsal, running, badminton sessions. Last night, I was invited to a play a futsal match in Batu Maung futsal court. The fact that I only know one of the guys, who is Seagate colleague when I was in Seagate a few months back. I'm keen to sweat it out, so I went back to parents house to take my gears and it was fun.

I bumped in PLLC employees playing on the other court. Oops, people would think that I'm 'hanging up high to sell', but that not the case, hope that people will not misunderstand that.I have not move a lot since I was preparing for my wedding 2 to 3 months back. Miss the action so much. I can feel that my movement is slow, body is lazy, I need some time to get back in shape and speed.

My body seems still adjusting itself to the work out that I'm going to throw at him. Body is aching all over and hardly can get up from the bed. Thinking to play badminton tonight, but 45 minutes play without any stop really hard to take for a long-idling body. In the last few minutes, not sure whether it is the hamstring or what, seems like there is a problem with it and I gonna check with the sienseh what's going on, else it is going to be a long set back again.

I want to play futsal. I want to play badminton. I want to run. I want to hike. Of course, I need quality sleep as well.


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