Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Tournament

Modern people lack of excitements, they try to do something different in life, to fill the emptiness and get rid of boredom. Since long time ago, human fix the odds for cock fighting, football tournaments, and even election, now some clever people begin to find excitement in life betting.

All the world top class assassins gather at United Kingdom, the place with the highest number of CCTV in the world and fight for a luxury prize money of 1 million in a 24 hour tournament. You lose, you are out. If your are injured but not dead, you will be killed using the tracker implanted in the assassins' body.

The most exciting thing is, all this is LIVE broadcasting. You'll see athletic assassin, hot assassin, sick assassin, amateur assassin, pathetic priest, etc. After all, the best selling point of this movie is the odds and of course the action thrilled and blood bath scenes.

Not recommend for kids.

Rating: 3/5

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