Sunday, October 18, 2009

Abang dah gemuk!

Woosh... my weight keep increasing after Hari Raya and today just had a Deepavali feast. OMG, I always know that, and aware of my own weight because I weigh every day if I remember.

Today I went all the way to the top of the Tokun Hill, the feeling is great, it is almost 7,8,9 years I have not reach the top of it. I felt my leg muscles was struggling, and I was pushing myself go all the way without stopping and I did it. yea yea...

After that, I went to play football, just a casual one. Wow, my legs seems like cannot stand the work load. Almost cramp...!!! Luckily not.

It was very tiring, but I feel good because I think I burnt a lot of calories, but when I got home, my kepo maid said 'abang sudah gemuk'. It is never good listening to this kind of comment but this is the fact. I hope I can work it out, get myself fit within next two weeks, and I'm gonna challenge Genting trailblazer 2009.

Go, go, go... ChoonShih!!!


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