Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Hills Run Red

At first, I think this would be something like Friday the 13th, especially the babyface in the poster looks like Jason. The story begins slowly... a young man trying to seek the truth and prove the existence of one horror movie maker, at least he thought so. He found his daughter, Tyler... and head to the woods to film a documentary show with his friends.

As usual, the bloody scenes is taking turns. I totally not expecting Tyler to be part of bloody story, and it is even more shocking that babyface is her son... and his father is Tyler's father. OMG... I started to wonder the relationship between son/grandson? The scene that a good looking boy cutting his face finally gets the story line, but it is definitely not something good to watch.

Those like to see bloody and human slaughter can give this a shot, but the ending part is not that good. Leaving someone to watch a movie how the producer/director kill people to make that film?

Rating: 3/5

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