Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bad Vendor

Vendor is what we call the external salesman or marketing executive, I'm not sure whether that is the correct word. After referring to the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, the meaning is:

vend·or / Ñ 'vendJ(r); NAmE Ñ / noun
1 a person who sells things, for example food or newspapers, usually outside on the street:
street vendors
2 (formal) a company that sells a particular product:
software vendors
3 (law) a person who is selling a house, etc.
—compare seller

I just had a bad experience with one yesterday and today. He asked me to put up a seminar within half a day. I've done it given the short notice and available resources I have. He wants to bring a speaker from Japan, okay, no problem, but he did not even send me what is the title, topics and speaker profile. I guess he is as inexperience as I am. Never mind, I'll try to do whatever I can for him, so I successfully organize one, but will 7 participants only. Is that good enough?

When I was having my lunch today, he called and he wanted something that he loans to company 2 days ago. Another short notice, F***! I'm having lunch, he says he is waiting outside of my company. Can all this arrangement be done earlier?

Headache... and my temper rose, because I hate sweating while not exercising and I have to run up and down to return that thing to him. Banyak soi~!


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