Monday, August 15, 2011

Online Shopping

Is it relatively cheaper buying from an e-shop? I'm not sure. My wife asked whether I'm obsessed to online shopping recently because I have bought some thing that is useless. By using the word 'useless' mean that a person can still survive without owning or having that thing. Somehow, I bought because I 'think' they're cheap.

I've bought many accessories for her, cheap but look nice ones, but she told me that she does not have enough fingers to wear them on. I guess that's the answer because they are not diamond solitaire or Swarovski crystal? Just kidding. Ring is annoying, I'm not used to it too, so I can totally understand the feeling. What made me to buy those is because I saw a pair or earrings that matches a pendant that I gave her previously, so I just have to do it, and they're cheap.

Besides, I am like addicted to 'lighting' or 'lamps' recently, not because I'm working in Pxxxxps, but rather what they can do and make me feel. A good lighting effect can create a good atmosphere and environment, especially those dimmer lighting can help us to relax, just like those in spa or facial center. Again, I bought a few 'cheap' lamp because I cannot afford to buy 'designer' lamp, and I will be hearing a lot of mumbling if I did. Try to see I'm still waiting for the items to be sent to my house.

Still have one list of items that have to being sent, those are creative items. They're relatively more expensive although they are made in China, it has to be shipped from China too, that's not cheap. Waiting and waiting.

If I have more opportunity, I will grab oil painting and designer clocks if there price is right. The buddha painting in Batu Ferringhi is RM220 without frame, I think I would be crazy to pay for that. I was tempted but I told myself NO WAY.

Let me see whether got any kang tao... then I can buy a few items that I really like to have to decorate my home.


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