Monday, August 8, 2011

Lay Off

Since the US economy is not doing well, after multiple injection of capital into the market, the global economic sentiment does not help either. Companies are freezing the hiring, trimming down the operating cost in a more extensive way, cost being cut from everywhere, worst case is that someone has to be laid off.. Be grateful for what you're doing, at least you have a job, you get paid, you still have something to look forward. Somehow in another half of the world, some unfortunate thing such as business continuity decision has to be made to ensure corporation or organization survival in the difficult time.

I have copied a few laid off from this link, people are being laid off. I feel sorry for them, yet I wish that they can get a fresh start as soon as possible. So, please be grateful for the job that you still possessing.
  1. Borders Store closed, 10,700 jobs lost.
  2. Golden Sachs axes 1,000 jobs.
  3. Cisco cuts 6,500 jobs.
  4. Lockheed Martin: 3,300 ..... and counting.
  5. Merck slashes 13,000 jobs.
  6. Blackberry maker slashes 2,000 jobs.
  7. HSBC ousts 25,000 jobs.
  8. Boston Scientific cuts 1,400.
  9. Credit Suisse boots 2,000 workers.
  10. Pfizer downsizes by 5,530 jobs.
Please sum up the jobs being cut, and I believe that is going to happen in Asia, sooner or later, unless there is a big turnaround. Let us hope for the best.

Good luck.

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