Sunday, April 3, 2011

Have to get used to it...

When I say it, it means 'changes'. Recently, there are many changes happening at the same time, and I'm trying my best to cope with everything that is thrown at my face. It is quite chanllenging, and I know I'm resisting to the changes, (that's a normal reaction when something happens in a short period of time), but I want to ensure the changes happen 'just nice'.

I would like to share with a few things that I have to deal with at the moment.
  1. I have got a lappy from my new company, so that means I have to work at home, or on the go, because I do not think that I can 'complete' the to-do list that quite long as the North South Expresswy.
  2. I have to travel early, but will not be clocked in as the working hours. That means I am going to work for longer hours, but cannot go back early. I hope I can change this one :P
  3. My new boss is a very 'macro' managed person. He does not really manage me, because I cannot see him around during working hours, and it is quite difficult to ask for advice, or that would not be an alternative as well.
  4. I have to bear all the pain and boredom during the peak traffic hours because I cannot go home earlier, and I have to travel to tuition center on time to take care of my tuition classes. Initially, there was going to be a day less in hurry, but after today, it is going back to the normal 2 busy trips again. Tiring, but hopefully it is rewarding.
  5. Enough... have to eat first... later got class.
Until next time...

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