Sunday, April 17, 2011

Misfire Catapult?

FYI, my department name is Catapult, my project name is Catapult, but do you know what is Catapult? According to Wikipedia, A catapult is a device used to throw or hurl a projectile a great distance without the aid of explosive devices—particularly various types of ancient and medieval siege engines.Although the catapult has been used since ancient times, it has proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms during warfare. The word 'Catapult' comes from the two Greek words "kata" (downward) and "pultos" (a small circular battle shield). Katapultos was then taken to mean "shield piercer". Catapults were invented by the ancient Greeks.

What a long winded explanation, but I guess some of you could still don't know what is catapult. The time line to kick start the Catapult is nearer and nearer, and the stress and the tension level is rising like never before. Seems like I'm trying to be a perfectionist that have the 'perfect' and 'flawless' plan to implement my tasks. I bet there is no 'perfect' plan or timing to keep everything running.

I cannot imagine myself become the MISFIRED catapult, it is going to be a 'joke' among all the old birds in my current company, given that we are being hired into the company in such as high profile manner, which I don't wish to have, too. It is out of my control as well.

I'm going to do, to implement, to roll out 100% just to deliver on time. I have no time to wait... I have no luxury to procrastinate. I need to draw the courage out of my guts to do that. Wish me luck. I need my catapult to run, and to throw my name as high as possible.

Go, go, go... FIRE....


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