Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review of the 1st Quarter of 2011

This is how I would summarize my Q1'2011.

Erm... let us start by reviewing all the resolutions for 2011 first.
  1. Walk the talk. -- I guess this is progressing very well, because the new company simply need the employees to execute, but still need to speed things up.
  2. Be more financially savvy. I always project myself as a poor person but with a ambition to become a richman. Big spend items including car maintenance (have to do, no escape), pocket money for my wife (she had good time in Guangzhou :D), telephone bill (unforeseen one)
  3. Hat-trick @ 28. House, wedding and honeymoon. Date of completion of the house will be delayed again, no experience in handling those things. Going to sign up pre-wed shooting package soon. The itinerary of the honeymoon still in the dark, shall start in May or June.
  4. Be a better negotiator. That day kena scolded already for not being a good one. Need continuous improvement on this one.
  5. Serious in running. I guess the priority of this one have to be lowered, because the new working environment, the busy schedule of tuition started to eat into my other schedules. Not a good sign, shall run whether it is possible, and aim for completion rather than timing.
That's all at the moment. Have to work now...

1 comment:

#~м@ñQΐйĞ~# said...

I have to say something on 3 out of 5 which involving me :p

2. thanksssss a lot for the pocket money for shopping... and the BIG lucky hubby ang pow which bring luck to top sales :D

3. SIGNED!!! and its gonna be a busy month preparing for the photo shooting session...
p/s: pls remind Mr Fong to speed up too...

4. OK lar, your 2nd round improved a lot, getting more things for our initial package with same price... nyek nyek... well done :)))