Thursday, August 16, 2012

Car Broke Down (Old Story)

I have one question:

Is it normal that a car broke down on the road when you are driving it?

For me, it is not. It is a sign of carelessness or ignorance. Car, as you know (if you don't), needs regular maintenance, hence it is recommended that you send your car to the workshop to be checked or repair/replace if necessary. Another fancy phrase is preventive maintenance, which means you want to prevent unexpected things happen during the operation.

I always think that those car drives with cars that broke down on the Penang Bridge or any major roads are very irresponsible. They are irresponsible because they do not check the water level in the radiator regularly, they did not change the tyres when necessary, they did not do this laaa and that laa.... the consequence? The car break down, but preventive maintenance should be done beforehand.

30 days ago, my belief was struck badly when my own car broke down at the middle of one busy road - Jelutong Expressway, right at the middle when I was waiting at the traffic light. The engine just died on me, I tried to reignite the automobile but failed. Argh... I knew that if those people that I 'accused' before must be laughing at me now. Shit... I did not want to jam up the whole road just because of my car (People will curse me).

The water that I filled 1 week ago was not found when I open the car bonnet. Surprisingly, which mean either it dried up or leaked out, but it was not time for troubleshooting, but fire fighting. I waited for a while for the engine to cool down, then I had to fill several 1.5L of water into the radiator. Weird, why need so much? I could not think much. I just wanted to drive my car away.

After refilling the water, the car could be started and I drove it away immediately to my destination - Loh Guan Lye Specialist. I parked my car there and took a peek beneath the car. I could hear water dripping sound, the leakage was so bad. However, I decided to do my stuff first before dealing with this car later.

After business done. I wanted to drove my car home back to mainland but it was impossible judging from the leakage severity. I don't know what was wrong but I knew I could not get home. I drove it along the way and checked for a workshop. Went to a Mercedes one, they did not accept my car and turned me away to the opposite workshop.

I had to let my car sleep there and I went home taking ferry and Rapid Penang.

After diagnosis, it was a rubber plastic elbow already aged and damaged. Besides, the radiator fan's switch was not working properly. Replaced with a new elbow and second hand radiator fan. RM255 gone.


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