Thursday, August 2, 2012

AirAsia Live Chat Assistance SUCKS

Wow, I did not realize that the customer service helpline of AirAsia in Malaysia was removed until I faced some problem with my flight schedule. An exclusive phone number is still there to service those prime customer a.k.a. AirAsia X Premium seat customers. What a discrimination...~!!!!

Ok, since they removed the helpline, they have put in the Live Chat Assistant, which we could settle our problems ( I doubt it).

Since AA reschedule one of my flight and it has affected my connecting flight home, so I need to reschedule the flight or I might need to get home by any other means. I was optimistic. I signed in using my email and password, named myself and waited patiently for help.

I was the 16th in the queue, long but I expect to be served within 1 hour. (Wrong expectation on wrong party) but after 3 hours waiting, I was down to number 3 in the queue. What the hell????? 3 hours to service 12 customers? How many counters you have? How many problems you have? Shit.... I guess it was all down to 1 operator.

I cannot wait further, so I closed the window.

I was pissed off. I posted on AirAsia facebook page and what I get is 'Thank you for your feedback. We will feedback to the relevant party. Cheers.'

Shit... my problem is not solved, I was asked to 'Cheers'?

= sucks =

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